- Since 2011 -

Established in 2011 by former model Iren Seleznova, Idol Model Management today is known as a high professional model agency.

Our main focus is on scouting and development of new faces, management of both high fashion as well as commercial models careers Worldwide. We represent Male, Female and Female Curvy Models.
We are proud of our cooperation with featured agencies from all modelling markets. In the permanent base, we are working with France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Spain, Austria, Scandinavia, UK, USA, Mexico, Peru, Chile, China, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, India, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, UAE, Turkey.
Besides scouting and placement internationally, we are strong with booking requests for our personal clients from many countries.
We all regularly moving around the World in search of New Faces, new Clients and to make personal engagement with Partner's Agencies.
Everyone in our team has a solid background in the Fashion Industry. We are all on the same wave and following the same values, which makes us very productive.
        Being recognized by the industry's leading platform is a testament to our commitment to excellence and the incredible talent we represent. www.models.com
        A project aimed at highlighting issues related to the fashion industry and modelling.
        We cover and try to contribute problems with environment, social inequality, low wages, health and safety risks at work, animal cruelty, etc.
        As a member of the sphere, which has always been and will be in the spotlight, we can not stay away.
        Together we can make a difference!
        In our company we follow principles of 3R:
        Reduce Reuse Recycle.