Here we are #idolcares x #ecobags

We started to make own-brand eco-bags while ago. Right now we trying to provide it to all our models ( excusez-moi our ones who don’t have it yet, it is a matter of distance, but we will find a way and time).

But let’s make a clear what is the purpose of our eco-bags, except a visual ad.

1) First and the most important – Doing your part to reduce plastic pollution!!! Think about this for a second: every plastic bag you ever touched or used is probably still lying around somewhere on this planet. It might not be near you, but it is somewhere on the planet you call home.

2) Cost – As even if it is only cents, then by years it is a solid amount. You do the math!

3) Serve Multiple uses. Which is very important exactly for MODELS. It can be used to store something, carry groceries, going to the gym, carry laundry or beach supplies, for carrying a book and heels for castings and other daily necessities in it with a lot of ease. And in baggage, it totally doesn’t take space. Moreover, when you have your overweight in Airport it is helping a lot (saying by experience).

4) And for sure, this is a TREND now.

So, to sum up, eco-friendly bags are always a great alternative to use in your daily lives and it is a durable option to last for a longer time.

Your Idol Model Management and on photo our sunshine Elisa in Milano!