Mental Health Awareness

The fashion industry has always been very stressful, highly competitive and demanding for all its participants – photographers, designers, editors, stylists, models…

Most models start their career at a very young age and immediately face high competition, criticism and pressure, sudden ups and downs, constant comparisons with other models and also many harmful things that negatively affect their physical and mental health.

Only a small number of models have already realized this, but most of them keep saying “I’m fine”, while their mental disorder keeps progressing.

So the only advice is not to keep it to yourself! And if your loved ones are experiencing this, please try to help and support them!

Awareness of mental illness means to be comfortable to talk about it without fear to be judged for it.

Our beautiful Moroccan model Sahar who is very successful in her native country, she also worked in India and participated in the filming of Bollywood movies. Some time ago she was faced with a deep mental illness. But she realized that and opened up to the people around her. And even though she still struggles with her mental disorder, she continues to build her career and enjoy her beautiful full life.

Sahar: “I feel happy and empowered to have the support of @idolmmg which created #idolcares to support social causes like #mentalhealthawareness. It feels great to feel understood and not judged especially at the workplace.

You have to know that people who suffer from mental illness can work and be active, I am one of the living proofs

Do share your story and tag #idolcares, I would love to read yours. I know the struggle is real, but to keep it in secret make to keeping you sick».