Just 6 days ago, we had a WORLD ELEPHANT DAY

Elephants are fast disappearing from the wild. Without urgent, international action, they could be gone within a generation.

Today we want to share a post of our Laura, UK Model and Oxford graduate. This year, Laura went to work as a Teacher in India. We are super proud of her, of course!!

These days, while exploring the country, she faced how elephants are used in tourism and entertainment.

“I, unfortunately, couldn’t find much to smile about at the Amber Fort in Jaipur. My first time seeing an elephant ever in my life. They are magnificent, beautiful creatures, but they were tuskless. Every single one of them had sad eyes as they slowly and heavily dragged themselves up and down the long and steep paths to the fort, carrying tourists. I was worried to see marks on their skin too. My heart broke for them and I cried my eyes out as I watched helplessly. This should not be happening. Seeing them tied up waiting for their next ride was just unbearable. It’s not right. Please do not support elephants being used for tourism.”

Unfortunately, still Elephants are using for entertainment in many countries. Even though activists trying to stop it, travel companies have already committed to stop selling tickets to or promoting venues offering elephant rides and shows, but the research says that

thousands of elephants caught in the wild still live in “severely cruel” conditions.

There are many non-profit organizations that fighting for life of these animals. And even by signing petitions on their web resources, we can make a small contribution.