Today we want to talk about “cruelty-free” with our former model and later our international model agent Margo

“The phrase “cruelty-free” gets thrown around a lot. Companies sometimes place the phrase on product packaging, and beauty bloggers mention it often. But what does “cruelty-free” actually mean? In short, “cruelty-free” means a product and its ingredients were not tested on animals
. As awareness of “cruelty-free” grows, technologies have been developed to replace outdated animal testing with safer, quicker, more effective, and more humane testing methods. Even though there are more than 1,700 companies have now banned all #animaltesting
 – millions of animals are still poisoned, mutilated, or killed every year due to companies making cosmetics, personal-care, and other household products.

The fashion industry, like others, also contributes to animal testing but is also moving towards a #sustainable#crueltyfree future.

How can you help it get there faster?
The good news: Everything starts from you, the consumer! It’s in your power to move to a more humane lifestyle that increases demand for “cruelty-free” products and motivates more fashion companies to be “cruelty-free”. A great way to live a more humane lifestyle is to purchase goods only from companies listed as “cruelty-free” in databases such as those maintained by Peta ( ) or Leaning Bunny ( You can also learn more on these websites.
And remember: Every single person’s actions and decisions count toward helping move the world to a better, more sustainable future!”.