Plastic Free July

Today a post from Iryna, our head international agent and co-founder of #idolcares project.

"#plasticfreejuly since 2011 and I found out about it in 2019

Since June in @idol_mmg we started a social project #idolcares & exactly now we are waiting for a delivery of #ecofriendly stuff that together with our brand #ecobags step by step gonna be send to our models for everyday use.


We are a company that is making public trendy things as beautiful images, brands, etc. And nowadays #greenlife is a trend too (even tho someone would say: it is a way of living! 

 i would say: it should be, but it is a trend and marketing also).

After we announced the start of the project, we got a lot of positive feedbacks from our models, who are ready to be part of it, support, they really CARE!

And so about me?!

Luckily before to run the #idolcares project I read a lot about the social and environmental problems, to become more familiar with what I plan to do. But then I REALLY start to think twice about what I would not think at all earlier: takes bananas, avocados etc and put a price tag on it, not take a plastic bag for it, reading consistency of food, cosmetics, and fabrics, using more often a thermos, … I am not saying that I am full #greenliving now and forever, but look, if each one will change their habits just a little – in mass, it will make difference! So if you are just read more about eco situation you will see that it doesn’t require something extra from your side (especially extra expenses ) and maybe your opinions will change

P.s. still on my opinion labels on food, cosmetic products (as green, healthy, etc) don’t mean a lot, except the higher prices. Read what is in, and know what should be in that’s pretty different things”