Welcome Idol MMG YouTube Channel

As earlier, we announced we finally got our official YouTube Channel. Why not, right?

Since then we try to collect there TVC’s of our models, backstages, shows, etc.

But plus this the first idea was to make a collection of Playlists which may help models or at least be useful and interested for young ppl, who cares about health and body, about fashion trends, about traveling and ofc about save a planet (as we included there the whole section of videos connected to social and eco topics which have to be said loudly these days in the format of #idolcares project). As well as different life hacks from other models, posing, and catwalk tutorials.

So follow it and feel free to advise your topics, send links to videos which might be on point, so we will be glad to add it, or what is THE BEST – MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS!