Equality and Sustainability in the Modelling Industry

Tolerance, humanism, justice …- now so often brands use these terms to describe their products, services, and production.

80% of them use models (not robots yet, but humans) for own promotion. But far from always, companies think about the rights of the models. This applies to both multimillion-dollar companies and local eshops, showrooms, etc. (and by the way, the majority of such modelling jobs worldwide).
For example, over time, poor working conditions, lack of lunch or water in-studio or backstage…And of course, the payment terms
 Often, the brand, first of all, pays the services of suppliers, landlords, designers …., and only then, models. For some reason, many still believe that working as a model does not mean «really working!”
Recently such nuances began to be revealed more actively; there are a number of associations for the protection of model rights. And one of them is RTM @models_trust

Last week, the founder of RTM Elizabeth Peyton Jones in the framework of The Female Quotient @femalequotient and 
#equalitylounge in Davos brought up this topic for discussion.
The full video can be found

We, as direct participants in this sphere, are 100% ready to support the reformatting of our attitude to Models as participants in the Brands production and promotion.