Speak up for those who can not speak for themselves!

Recently our model Natalia who works now in Thailand visited a very unique (just need to add – hard to get) spot in Thailand, called Elephant Freedom Village. She got really impressed so we are.

Natalia: «There are several times less elephants in Thailand than in those days when their strength was used in everyday life. They need a lot of water, food, veterinarian examination, care. Especially now, during the global epidemic, due to the lack of tourists, elephant farms are in dire need of financial assistance. Some of the wild elephants died in the jungle and could not got a simple help. They won’t survive without us. Elephants, like humans, need protection, affection, and love.»

That’s amazing that projects for helping wild animals exist and the amount of those are growing.
There is a fact that most of the elephants in Northern Thailand are owned by Karen villagers and rented out by tourist camps – Karen villagers, in the past, did not have a choice of which type of camp to put their elephants in because all camps were pretty much the same (riding and trick-shows). And the EFV gives these villagers the choice of pulling their elephants out of those camps and they can live a more natural lifestyle.
If you know about more places like that – share with us, please!