What is Zero Waste?

We are sure that many of us know the answer and it’s actually very simple – #refuse #reduce #reuse #recycle and #compost
But do all of us use these principles?
Just imagine, it takes from 100 to 1000 years for polyethylene to decompose!

The timing of decomposition of other garbage is also impressive:
cardboard packaging – around 5 years
cigarette butts – 10-12 years
nylon fabric – 30-40 years
aluminum cans – 80-200 years
plastic bottles – 450-1000
Styrofoam – does not decompose at all

Every day you decide how to influence the future of our planet. Just try to apply the principles of Zero Waste in your life and together we can make a difference!
With just one step in the right direction, you can change the World.